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You can split your payment, make a partial payment to initiate the installation, and take advantage of the August offer.

Setup Process

Pre-sale Support

You can learn about everything you don’t know before the sale by consulting our sales representatives. A dedicated sales group will be created for you, and the consultation begins.

Sale Process

When you decide to work with Bookiewise and initiate the purchasing process, simply express your desire to start the installation in the designated group.

Two new groups will be created for you: FINANCE and SUPPORT, both available 24/7. In the Finance group, your initial payment will be initiated, and once it’s completed, the installation process will commence.

After Sales

Ready in 24h. When you start working with Bookiewise, you can request assistance from our representatives in the two groups created specifically for you, available 24/7. At the beginning, our team will schedule training sessions for you on backoffice and other Bookiewise applications.

Bookiewise Backoffice

Item No.

01. First Payment

The installation procedure begins with an initial payment of at least 3,000 EUR or more.

Item No.

02. Quick Setup

When the installation begins, we will request logo and mobile icon images from you, along with two color codes required for the interface. The installation is completed within 24 hours. Once the installation is finished, all providers are in active state.

Item No.

03. UI/Color Settings

The interface and color settings are completed.

Item No.

04. Payment Methods Integration

There are numerous integrated payment methods in the system. You will be directed to the payment method authorities, and upon receiving the necessary codes from them, you can activate the relevant payment method on your website.

Item No.

05. Testing

The entire system is tested, and once we are certain that everything is in great condition, we will deliver your website to you

Item No.

06. Backoffice Training

You can receive backoffice training through a conference call using the Google Meet application with our experienced team. During the call, you can ask all your questions and receive live support.

Item No.

07. Ready to Live!

Within approximately 5 days, everything will be ready, and your website will be up and running

Item No.

08. 24/7 Customer Support

There is a team available to receive any system errors from your players at any time of the day. Welcome to the Bookiewise Network.

Item No.

09. Backoffice Training Document

The Bookiewise Documentation, complete with all the details and functional examples, is available within the backoffice.

Transaction History - Details

  • Slot Casino Games
  • Live Casino Games
  • Other Game Api’s

In the player profile, the complete history of each game is listed in real-time with all the details, and it’s available for your review

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