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The Ultimate Platform Engine

and Ultimate Services with Limitless Potential

And we offer these fantastic services for free

Bookiewise providers serve a constantly refreshed database. This consistency ensures that new games are swiftly propagated to websites at the speed of light every day



We partner with 4 different sportsbook API providers. You can switch between APIs whenever you want or activate all of them simultaneously.

Slot Games

We collaborate with over 250 slot providers, and we're thrilled to expand our network. We're dedicated to seamlessly integrating games with all their features into our system.

Live Casino Lobbies

We partner with 20+ live casino providers and stay updated with new lobbies. The current providers' up-to-date tables and games are always active in our system, along with their backups.

Virtual Games

Virtual sports and virtual betting are the must-have games for online platforms. Start attracting players to your website with a wide range of options available.

Instant Games

We've gathered all the options in this category, including popular games like Zepellin, Aviator, Spaceman, under one roof.

Lottery Games

Live studio draws offer the thrill of winning millions. Would you like to provide this opportunity to your players through your system?

End-to-End Encrypted Integrations

In the Bookiewise system, various payment method providers are already integrated. For these ready-to-use payment methods, you can activate the relevant payment option for your site within minutes by providing us with the "key."

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Bookiewise Profast Pay

Profast Pay comes ready for your website with bank transfer and Papara payment methods.

Popular Payment Methods

We have integrated and continue to integrate the payment methods most preferred by players.

Incoming Merchant Requests

We integrate solutions based on the requests of players and site administrators.

Industry Requirements

Our goal is to provide the latest technologies by keeping up with the industry’s requirements.


No additional licenses required.

GGL is a HTML interface for a type of B2B authorization license. This certificate enables you to operate and manage various providers on your website. This is included in the package price, allowing you to smoothly run all providers.

Furthermore, we are approved/official vendors of the Curacao license. If you wish, we can assist you with the application steps.

Bookiewise Best Engine Platform Provider


Your website is delivered with the included license as part of the setup fee. There is no need for any additional payment for the license.

All Providers

With this advantage offered by Bookiewise, you can swiftly add and operate all providers to your website.

Do you still require a Curacao license?

We are an official sales representative for the Curacao license. We can manage the licensing process for you and ensure you obtain your license.

Through Bookiewise’s secure network, our representatives diligently monitor system errors around the clock.

24:7 Live Support

In the chat groups created for you, our representatives are online 24/7. Our team also provides backoffice training and updates through these groups as you get started.

An unparalleled experience awaits you above the clouds with a system that is more flawless than ever


Experience Limitless Potential

Multiple distinct backoffice applications operate on a single core, listing results at an unprecedented speed.

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Bookiewise Backoffice

Bookiewise operates with the lightning-fast communication of numerous microservices, putting all the control in your hands.

Bw. Affiliate Backoffice

Affiliate panel, a panel used for series, movies, and similar content publishers.

Bw. Agent Backoffice

Agent panel, on the other hand, is a ‘closed-loop sub-dealer’ system that provides balance management through the sub-agency system.

External Backoffices

Users are managing the highest customer satisfaction sites with more detailed real-time data…